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Classes in spirituality should be made available as an option for both Muslim and Non-Muslim students all schools. Arts & Culture, Education, Miscellaneous, Philosophy, Religion, Society FOR
Democracy is better than a dictatorship Miscellaneous, Philosophy, Politics, Society FOR
Those caught speeding should be given strokes of the rotan Miscellaneous, News, Philosophy, Society FOR
Foreign construction workers should be given a higher salary and decent living conditions. Economics, Education, Miscellaneous, News, Philosophy, Politics, Society FOR
Guns should be available for public purchase. Miscellaneous, Philosophy, Society FOR
Porn websites should not be blocked. Arts & Culture, Economics, Education, Health, News, Philosophy, Society FOR
Durians should be allowed in hotels Arts & Culture, Miscellaneous, Society FOR
Durians should be allowed in Malaysian hotels. Miscellaneous, Society FOR
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