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Should there be laws enacted to prevent dissemination of misleading or false information on the Internet. Society, Technology FOR
Apple can no longer introduce game changing innovative products Technology FOR
Is it morally wrong for leaders/politicians to get a free ride on a luxury yatch or private jet? Politics, Society FOR
Should Squash be considered an Olympic sport? Sports AGAINST
Is the crime rate in Malaysia going up or are we just getting more information through social networks ? Society FOR
Porn websites should not be blocked. Arts & Culture, Economics, Education, Health, News, Philosophy, Society AGAINST
MONEY,SEX AND POWER can change people much faster than a Ferrari taking the first lap in Sepang stadium. Miscellaneous, Politics, Society AGAINST
Euro 2012: Germany vs Holland Sports AGAINST
Buying Physical Gold As An Investment Is The Best and Safest Way To Make Your Money Work Harder For You, Economics AGAINST
Should we legalised sport betting? Economics, Entertainment, Miscellaneous, Society, Sports AGAINST
The Chinese community will be in a worse situation if DAP wins all the Chinese majority seats. Politics, Society FOR
2 Party system is the way forward! Politics AGAINST
PR is effective as a strong opposition (for check and balance) but will underperform if they form the Govt Politics FOR
Shld we be grateful for Malaysia's success so far?e Politics FOR
Will DAP be reduced to a minority role in the event PR wins GE 13? Politics FOR
Do our politicians hv unusually high sex drive or just stupid to be caught on camera? Politics, Society FOR
Why not we create our own "Manifesto Rakyat" for our coming 13th General Election rather than just accepting BN or PR Manifesto. Politics, Society AGAINST
EQ vs IQ Education, Philosophy, Society AGAINST
System vs Student? (Post-secondary education) Economics, Education, Politics, Science, Society, Technology AGAINST
We should not condone the camp out at Dataran Merdeka that is happening today. Politics, Society FOR
Hollywood should stop producing mindless junks like The Avengers and Spider Man redux (again ?) Arts & Culture, Entertainment, Society FOR
Malaysia may not be the best governed country in the world but it is in the top 25 percentile Politics, Society FOR
PTPTN should be transformed. Economics, Education, Politics, Society AGAINST
Being involved in politics, both at university and national level is good for students. Education, Politics AGAINST
straight A+ students should study in malaysia. Education AGAINST
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