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This house would waive jail/punishment for corrupt politicians in exchange of donating his wealth / property for philantrophic purposes. Society AGAINST
THBT governments should not incentify house ownership Economics, Society AGAINST
THW limit housing loans to cover not more than 50% the value of the house Economics, Society AGAINST
Ahli politik 'memperkeldai' rakyat Malaysia Politics AGAINST
Rakyat Malaysia rakyat yang manja Society AGAINST
Good publicity vs bad publicity Education, Miscellaneous, News, Society AGAINST
THW prohibit the sale of insurance that covers ransom payments for kidnapping Philosophy, Society AGAINST
The Participation Of Medics in Death penalties is ethically defensible Health, Philosophy, Society AGAINST
THW Impose Harsher Penalties for Rapists News, Philosophy, Politics, Society AGAINST
This House Believes that the Death Penalty should never be used. News, Philosophy, Politics, Society AGAINST
Viswaroopam should not banned in Malaysia Entertainment AGAINST
THBT the leaders of religious organisations should be held accountable for the crimes of their religion. News, Religion, Society AGAINST
THW Elect an African Pope News, Politics, Religion, Society AGAINST
knowledge or beauty which is important? Arts & Culture, Miscellaneous, Society AGAINST
Pegantunggan Ahli syiria dalam OIC satu kesilapan? benar atau tidak? News AGAINST
Pemimpin politik korporat tidak sesuai untuk menjadi MB atau PM. Politics FOR
Durians should be allowed in hotels Arts & Culture, Miscellaneous, Society AGAINST
Patutkah istilah baru diilhamkan untuk mereka yang berangan-angan untuk lompat parti?.Bagaimana dengan perkataan,'Mat katak dan Minah katak' Politics FOR
1 Malaysia: A farce or a true and proper unity policy? Politics AGAINST
Haram jika ingin mengambil wanita sebagai kekasih tetapi tidak ingin mengahwininya.. Religion AGAINST
Sabah dan Sarawak akan menentukan siapa dia penghuni utama Putrajaya. Politics FOR
Apa dia penentu PRU13? Wang ringgit ,wayang kulit atau pemimpin-pemimpin yang berlainan kulit. Politics FOR
UMNO penting.BN maseh relevan.Pakatan Rakyat pembangkang bijaksana. Politics FOR
Saya faham undi itu rahsia.Masalah dia saya bingung untuk undi siapa. Politics FOR
Which country will likely pose a threat to world peace and consequently a world war. Politics FOR
iklan makanan segera wajar diharamkan Health, Politics AGAINST
Prime Minister Najeeb can impose additional 20% TAX to Malaysian Millionaires and Billionaires Economics AGAINST
Malaysians: A society with a third class mentality. Society AGAINST
This is a big small world without boundaries. If only our hands can reach for the stars and life can be more meaningful. Entertainment, Miscellaneous, Philosophy, Society FOR
Pertembungan Politik Dalaman UMNO : Najib dalam bahaya Politics, Society AGAINST
Why does land command different market prices in different parts of the world? Economics, Politics, Science, Society FOR
MONEY,SEX AND POWER can change people much faster than a Ferrari taking the first lap in Sepang stadium. Miscellaneous, Politics, Society FOR
World leaders are adored and remembered by what they said than what they did.But why is this so? Education, Miscellaneous, Philosophy, Politics, Society FOR
The United Nation is ineffective and only serve to provide an avenue for free speech and holidays for world leaders. Education, Miscellaneous, Philosophy, Politics, Science FOR
To what extent do you agree with the popular view that monopolies are invariably undesireable? Economics, Education, Politics FOR
Quality is the essence by which people are looking for in a debate. Education, Miscellaneous, Society FOR
telemarketing calls should be illegal Economics, Politics, Society, Technology AGAINST
Unite all the chinese,malay and india school and using English as first language. Education AGAINST
bolehkah BN ditumbangkan pada PRU13? Politics AGAINST
Durians should be allowed in Malaysian hotels. Miscellaneous, Society AGAINST
学习语言必须用价值做考量么??did we need to think over the value before we learn language???(sry about broken english) Education AGAINST
Pembangkang tiada hak bersuara ? Politics AGAINST
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