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when the politician behaves like human, the tendancy for Malaysia to be heaven is possible

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Birthday : 14 Jan 1957
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THB Moyes will be sacked soon Sports FOR
Meritocracy education should be replaced the quota system Education, Politics FOR
Abolishing vernacular school in Malaysia should be encouraged Education, Politics, Society FOR
This House Believes That Tertiary Education Should Not Be Made Free In Malaysia. Education AGAINST
The current practice Hinduism contradict as it is.. Philosophy, Religion, Science FOR
The current practice Hinduism contradict as it is.. Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Science FOR
which is better : Android or windows phone? Education, Miscellaneous, Society, Technology AGAINST
Viswaroopam should not banned in Malaysia Entertainment FOR
Do Allah restricted the name only to Muslim Education, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Society FOR
What would be the criteria to be a fame, money or good attributes alone Economics, Philosophy, Religion, Society, Sports, Technology FOR
Outsourcing contact centre is good Economics, Society, Technology FOR
Religion based from the holy books or holy books based from the religion. Politics FOR
Should Muslims be allowed to read the Bible? Society, Religion, Philosophy AGAINST
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